Dun Carraig Silver Jubilee

November 10, 2018
Good Samaritan Presbyterian Church, Waldorf, MD

Join the barony of Dun Carraig as we celebrate 25 years as a barony! This event pays homage to all the former and current baronage of Dun Carraig, and what better way to celebrate our illustrious barons and baronesses than with a little friendly competition? Participants in all martial activities, games, and A&S contests will choose a set of baronage to represent as they compete.

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Martial Activities

Silver Seadog Pas D’Armes

A grand pas d’armes will be held, in honor of our founding baronage, Sir Adenwald the Hazardous and Mistress Rose of Black Diamond. Defenders representing each set of Dun Carraig baronage will take the field against all comers.

Combatants are encouraged to bring an entourage and coordinate their attire, whether that’s their own heraldry, the colors of their barony, or red and white for Dun Carraig. Combatants will be heralded onto the field in grand style, and if you don’t have your own herald, we will provide one.

Next Generation Youth Pas D’Armes

Twenty-five years is a long time. Long enough for the children of several of our illustrious baronage to take the field themselves. Not to be outdone by the adults, the children of former baronage will defend the field in a youth pas d’armes. All youth fighters are invited to test their mettle against Dun Carraig’s second generation. A herald will present the youth fighters to the populace.

This tournament is held in honor of Sir Jonathas Reinisch, our former baron who is both a youth marshal and the father of a youth combatant.

Blackhammer Blacksword Tourney

A blacksword tourney will be held in honor of HRM Ragnarr Blackhammer. (A Blacksword tourney is a single elim tourney where the results are pooled over time. These help rapier commanders choose champions at Pennsic and Gulf Wars.)

Baron Cathal McLean Memorial Rapier Tourney

Baron Cathal was an excellent fencer, and a fan of silly tourneys. In his memory, we present a dice tourney, with random targets. Can you hit your opponent’s shoulder? What about their toe?

Axes and Care Bears

Help Sir Erwin defend the barony from an onslaught of cuddly...er, ferocious, bears. Years ago, Baron Erwin was plagued by cute little bears. He vanquished them once, but now they’re back! (Maybe they heard about his recent knighting and just wanted to congratulate him.) If you really like the idea of throwing sharp objects at adorable teddy bears, this is the thrown weapons competition for you.


Shoot all the things! An archery shoot will be held, and the top scorer of each archery rank will earn points to support the baronage of their choice.

A&S Competitions

The following competitions will be held, each in honor of a former Dun Carraig baron or baroness. Prizes will be awarded in each category. The top two entrants in each category will also earn points for the baronage of their choice. Their Excellencies will also choose their A&S champions based on this category.

Spectacular Scrolls

In honor of Baroness Amalia Kunne, an accomplished scribe, bring out your best calligraphy and/or illumination.

Victorious Verses

In honor of Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain, our current baroness and Mistress of the Laurel for her poetry, Dun Carraig challenges all wordsmiths to enter a poem on any topic.

Heroic Heralds

In honor of Master Phillip of Ghent, show us your heralding skills. Complete an entry form in the morning to indicate that you wish to enter the heraldic competition, then voice herald for either of the pas d’armes. Don’t have a fighter to herald? We can pair you up with one!

Bring out Your Bling

In honor of HRM Lynette Semere, make something fit for a peacock. This can be garb or an accessory. It can incorporate a peacock motif or colors, or not. The important thing is that it be something striking, that you’d wear to show off.

Chatelaine’s Challenge

In honor of Mistress Mary Isabel of Heatherstone, who is a former kingdom chatelaine, make something that a newcomer to the SCA would use or enjoy.

Herd All the Cats

In honor of Baroness Lore Bubeck, long-time MOL and mother of three teenagers (two of whom are twins), whose device features a cat and a crozier, enter any item with the theme of cat-herding. The cat-herding can be literal, such as a pastoral illumination where the shepherd is herding cats rather than sheep. It can also be metaphorical, such as an item for an MOL, an event steward, or a minister of youth.

Bardic Challenge

Their Excellencies wish to choose Their bardic champion. Entrants may perform a song, story, poem, or any other bardic performance. As we are celebrating Dun Carraig’s illustrious history, the theme for the performance is “Baronial History.”

A&S Displays and Activities

Companions of the Clewe Knitting, Fiber, and General A&S Solar

Come knit with us! If you don’t knit, come hang out with us anyway! Bring your embroidery, weaving, spinning, or other handwork.

Bardic Open Stage

In honor of Sir Harald Brandarm, our current Baron, let there be music, stories, and poetry! Immediately after the competition for baronial bard, Spot the Bardic Seadog will make an appearance, and the stage will be open to anyone who wishes to perform.


Adult Member Adult Non-Member Youth (6-17) Child (0-5)
Site $10 $15 $7 $0
Feast $10 $10 $10 $0

As it is Veterans Day, all military veterans are guests of Their Excellencies and will not be charged a site fee.

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Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD Inc., Barony of Dun Carraig

If bringing a minor that is not your child, please ensure you bring a notarized minor medical authorization form so we are not forced to turn them away. Contact the reservationist with any questions about waiver requirements, or view the Kingdom FAQ here.


Good Samaritan Presbyterian Church
13025 Good Samaritan Drive
Waldorf, MD 20601

Event Staff:


Baron Joshua MacDonald the Imperfekt (Alan Lutton)
E-mail: autocrat AT DunCarraig DOT net


Lord Valdr Arason
E-mail: reservations AT DunCarraig DOT net

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