Dun Carraig holds regularly scheduled Archery Practices on every Friday, at the home of Jonathas and Amalia. This practice is held reguardless of weather!! If it is nice out, the out-door range will be used, which can easily handle shooting at ranges upto 90 yards (but we typically shoot at ranges of 20 to 40 yards), or if Mother Nature is not being friendly, the in-door range will be used, which is only 20 yards. The ranges are open many other nights of the month as well, if you would like to come over to shoot. All archery is of the medieval nature, that is traditional recurves, longbows, and crossbows, shooting wood arrows with feather fletching. Training wheels on the bows are not allowed (modern compound bows).

Directions to Jonathas and Amalia's are available by contacting Jonathas at Jonathas AT DunCarraig DOT net or calling 301-392-0126.

If you have any questions about archery medieval or modern please feel free to contact Jonathas at the above email address.

Click here to see a list of the Dun Carraig archers who have recorded scores with the Atlantian Scorekeeper.

Below are links to many different sites which supply archery equipment. These are sites which the archers of Dun Carraig have used, and have found to sell decent equipment at a decent price. If you find bad links, or have other sources to add to this list please let the Web Minister know at WebMinister AT DunCarraig DOT net.

Kingdom of Atlantia - Earl Marshal's Website
Archery Specific Rules

Atlantian Scorekeeper's Site

Treestand Archery (Local Store, Jones Wharf Rd, in Hollywood MD) (301-373-5440)
J&M Traditions (External Link) (not cheap, but really really nice arrows, as well as traditional bows new & used) (See Jonathas or Amalia)
Traditional Archery Supply (External Link) (new and some used bows)
Three Rivers Archery (External Link) (huge traditional archery supplier)
New World Arbalest (External Link) (Makes Handmade Traditional Crossbows) ( See Jonathas)
Crossbows by Siegfried (External Link) (Makes Handmade Traditional Crossbows) ( Fellow Atlantian)
Alchem (External Link) (Components for making Crossbows)

Instructions: Instructions on how to make arrows, self bows, laminated bows, and more (External Link).